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Menstruation is natural, and we celebrate it at TruCup.  Our aim is to provide hygienic, high-quality, nature-friendly, and affordable menstrual cups for vibrant, bold menstruating individuals across the globe.

What is a Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is a soft, bell shaped, silicon based menstrual product. It is inserted inside the vagina, like a tampon, and collects the menstrual blood. Menstrual cups are a comfortable, hygienic, economical, long-lasting and eco-friendly alternative.

Hygienic & Comfortable #Free

With its unique design which holds period blood from 10-12 hours, TruCup sits low in the vagina and due to its flexible material, it will become a part of your body- flowing with you and allowing you to move freely, run, swim, sleep, laze around! Just Chilling!

Eco-Friendly & Economical #Green

As a one-time buy, cups are life-changing products, lasting you for many years. No more paying the ‘pink tax’ and racking up huge monthly grocery bills. Reuse your cup for many years and live a plastic and waste free life. While making sure you don't harm the environment! WIN-WIN!

TruCup: A HEDG-e against menstruation!

HYGIENIC: Long-lasting Performance

TruCup can be inserted in the morning, emptied it in the evening and reinserted— lasting through the night for 10-12 hours- 3 times longer than any other menstrual product! It sits low in the vagina and due to its flexible material, it becomes a part of the body- allowing rigorous activities or just relaxation!

DURABLE: Innovative Design of TruCup

Prioritising comfort for long term use, Trucup is built with a flattened stem for ease of removal without hurting the inner walls of the vagina, holes for ease of suction keeping it ventilated and ridges specifically designed to fit perfectly around the vaginal walls.

ECONOMICAL: Reusable and


Built with food grade silicon, TruCup is medically certified, non-toxic, secure in extreme heat/cold temp., doesn't change colour or structure for 8-10 years- menstruators are free from 'period supplies' for a long long time! Also, the sterilisation process ensures TruCup is clean to the core.

GREEN: Sustainable Product & Packaging 

With a reusable product and packaging (no plastic protection, sachets etc), TruCup aims to reduce drain clogging, landfills, pollution of seas and rivers. Your reusable cup can last for years and the box can store TruCup, or your tit-bits, keys, accessories, keeping it all secure!