Berry Granola + 64% Malabar Forest Dark Chocolate

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Bloating. Cramps. Craving. Moodiness. Everything for PMS, so gloomy! Lets put a smile on that ‘bloody’ face, with chocolates by TruCup, a mix of dark chocolate and berry granola. After all, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a bright woman in possession of a crampy period, must be in want of a chocolate. TruChocolate is made of dark cocoa beans, improving period mood swings & cramps. Adding some delicious granola, full of fibre to keep you full, TruChocolate is an amazing source of zinc & magnesium. Indulge, while staying healthy, period!

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SMALL is suited for:

  • Active Lifestyle

  • First-time cup users

  • Women with a normal flow

  • Women with both low or high cervix

SMALL Measurements:

  • Diameter: 40 mm

  • Cup body and stem: 74 mm

  • Cup body without stem: 51 mm

  • Stem: 23 mm

  • Volume: 20 ml

LARGE is suited for:

  • Extremely Active Lifestyle

  • Women with a heavy flow

  • Women with high cervix

  • Women who have given birth

LARGE Measurements:

  • Diameter: 46 mm

  • Cup body and stem: 77 mm

  • Cup body without stem: 55 mm

  • Stem: 23 mm

  • Volume: 23 ml






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