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A Yoga Teacher, Dive Enthusiast and a Conscious Creative, I like to push myself to the utmost. And I always did exactly that, until I got my periods. It was excruciatingly harsh for me with the crippling pain, starting days before the onset of bleeding and lasting until my fourth day or more. It made me weak, tired and the entire week was wasted. I suffered this from age 13 to 25, using sanitary napkins and tampons.


And then, life took a turn. A friend, while chilling in the pool told me that she was on her period. Now, having tried every known menstrual product, I was never so relaxed as her during my periods. She revealed, she was using a menstrual cup. Surprised and curious to know more, I decided to give menstrual cups a shot. I bought a cup online, in Singapore. 


After many unsuccessful attempts to insert the cup properly and trying to feel comfortable, I almost gave up. The next time I geared up again, saw a few YouTube videos and EUREKA! It finally happened. My cramps were gone, there was no need for painkillers and hot water bottle. Before I knew it I was doing everything from cannon balling into a pool to diving in the ocean. It felt safe and comfortable. The security of not having to change upto 12 hrs, gave me a freedom I never thought possible in my periods. My life suddenly got one extra week every month!  


I was disillusioned by the misleading marketing pretences of companies, convincing women, that their product is good for the body while actually, it contains synthetic fabrics, fragrances and chemical coatings, which can cause from allergies to cancer, to what not. I realized how much garbage I had unwittingly created over the years. And I felt an urgent need to create the perfect cup for women all over the world.

— Shivangi Bagri

The quest to create the perfect cup

It all began with two period enthusiasts- Alakshi and Shivangi converged on creating the best menstrual cup out there. With this obsession, they innovated with the design, ensured quality, access, reliability- stayed true to the cause!

They set out on the arduous path to find-

- A menstrual cup that would not let you down, be comfortable and well, long lasting (so much money saved)!  

- A menstrual cup created for ALL menstruators - from rural, urban women, students, transgenders, professionals with fast paced lives to housewives, divers, yogis...

- A menstrual cup that would pave the way of educating menstruators on  menstrual, sexual, mental health, banishing taboos to bring in a new era of intelligent behaviour. 

- A menstrual cup that would unleash “the power of the self” – to bring forward menstruating leaders to drive change. 

And so, TruCup was born.