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Traversing and living in cities across India, Alakshi has utopian ideals grounded in reality. An avid reader with a penchant for writing, she finds peace in structure and passion in working for the feminist movement. A crossover from the private sector, Alakshi has strong experience in building capabilities and promoting education in the grassroots of India. She hopes to push the needle of change by working for equal opportunities, sustainable living and exploring people potential. Lectures on self, learning and Harry Potter are available in abundance!

Co-Founder, Left Brain


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Yet another engineer turned MBA. Believes in the role of technology in solving day to day problems, and aims to work towards creating an equitable society. Takes active interest in having meaningful, targeted discussions across a wide range of issues concerning society and community well being. Likes to read books, and connect with people over some good red wine.

Idea Bank


Nandini has spent most of her career working with start-ups - across sectors and geographies. Having recently completed her MBA from the University of Oxford, she is particularly passionate about working with start-ups that contribute to a sustainability agenda. 

She vows to see the Northern Lights this year (and she makes this vow every year).

Master Marketeer


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Divtesh is a fresh high school graduate taking a year off to travel, draw and learn while working with TruCup.  He is passionate about art and illustrations, keen photographer and loves watching sports. If you find him away from work, he is probably playing football or looking up a historic moment.




Shivangi recognises herself as a world citizen. Traveller, dreamer, yogini and entrepreneur, her experiences have honed her skills. Currently residing in Singapore, the multi-cultural modern environment has sensitised her to the needs of the modern woman who is balancing tradition and technology. She is inspired by the young, bold and hedonistic generation who want to use conscious products with minimum environmental waste. Through her experiences as a creative, she brings a true sense of design and functionality, which is not only aesthetically sound but practical. Her desire to leave a positive footprint, on all her endeavours and social enterprise, has now given birth to Trucup.

Co-Founder, Right Brain


Not your typical IIT-IIM grad, Sanket is passionate about people, music and education. When he is not working, Sanket can be found curating playlists with myriad genres. He is in constant denial of his coffee addiction, and can talk endlessly about anything under the sun.

Finance Guru


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Fresh out of high school, Shambhavi is determined to make a significant change in women healthcare along with general positioning of women in society. So driven towards the causes, she chose to take a year break and help elevating the women in all strata of society along with spreading awareness of various sustainable methods to preserve our environment. 

When she is learning and talking about Indian women and environment, you can find her singing with her harmonium or roaming around bylanes of Delhi and capturing essence of the city.



We are a bunch of dynamic individuals on a mission to change the World. Each and every member believes in a unconventional approach. We work hard, but with different time-zones, timelines, remotely and independently across the World. We dream big and focus on creating exciting avenues of growth for TruCup and every individual associated with it.