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We are a bunch of dynamic individuals on a mission to change the World.

Each and every member believes in an unconventional approach. We work hard, but with different time-zones, timelines, remotely and independently across the World. We dream big and focus on creating exciting avenues of growth for TruCup and every individual associated with it. 


Shivangi recognises herself as a world citizen. Traveller, dreamer, yogini and entrepreneur, her experiences have honed her skills. Currently residing in Singapore, the multi-cultural modern environment has sensitised her to the needs of the modern woman. Inspired by the young, bold and centrerd generation who want to use conscious products with minimum environmental waste. Through her experiences as a creative, she brings a true sense of design and functionality, which is not only aesthetically sound but practical. Her desire to leave a positive footprint, on all her endeavours and social enterprise, has now given birth to Trucup.

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Shivangi Bagri, Founder


Traversing and living in cities across India, Alakshi has utopian ideals grounded in reality. An avid reader with a penchant for writing, she finds peace in structure and passion in working for the feminist movement.

A crossover from the private sector, Alakshi has strong experience in building capabilities and promoting education in the grassroots of India. She hopes to push the needle of change by working for equal opportunities, sustainable living and exploring people potential. Lectures on self, learning and Harry Potter are available in abundance!

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Alakshi Tomar, Founder


Esther founded POPS in 2007 and the company has since been instrumental in changing the entertainment industry in Vietnam, through educating the industry on copyright to building an ecosystem for which the industry could monetize and evolve. POPS has become an established entertainment brand creating new experiences for the fans through content, events, and our own OTT services. Esther has been named on the list of Forbes TOP 60 Women-Led Startups that are shaking up tech across the globe.

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Esther Ngyuen, Mentor


An information enthusiast, Amar loves to understand the deeper context. He grew up in India experiencing a linear way of life, where he finished his Chartered Accountancy while working in different fields such as finance, consulting and even construction. His need to experience something different moved him Jakarta and then eventually Singapore where he worked with an SME to grow their business in the region. Now doing business at Grab, his passion is to mentor startups and be an integral part of their growth stories. He specialises in scaling startups across regions and implementing growth strategies.

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Amar Singh Bedi, Finanial Advisor

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Luisa Munaretto, is an avid entrepreneur and VC investor. Leveraging the expertise of her investment company, Tech-IA Impact Invest, she regularly invests in start-ups and serves as board member to companies showing an Indian/Asian angle in their expansion strategy. Pioneering the cross-border investments between France and India, she co-founded the Indo-French investment club to cross-fertilize the two countries’ leaderships, combining economic and social impact.

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Luisa Muneretto, Scale-up Advisor


A Social Entrepreneur, Environmental Advocate, Marketing Consultant, Author who is a passionate advocate of women’s leadership and development.  Through 'Women on a Mission' and 'HER Planet Earth’ - the two non-profit organisations she co-founded and founded in 2012 and 2017 respectively - she has taken all-female teams on challenging expeditions to the Arctic, the Antarctic, deserts in the Middle East and Africa, and mountains in the Himalayas and Mongolia, to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged women affected by climate change and to empower and support women who have been subjected to violence and abuse.

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Christine Amour-Levar,  Advisor

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