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Tru to the Body | Tru to the Society | Tru to the Environment


TruCup is on a quest to transforming lives. We aspire to build communities for positive menstruation by educating and empowering menstruators in urban & rural spaces. 


Our Vision is to create an inclusive society for Menstruators across the world by establishing Truth against stereotype, upholding Freedom against restraint, and promoting Sustainability against Wastefulness.



Our Mission is to revolutionize and sensitize period management through honest communication, motivated conversation, and deep contemplation by providing best in class, innovative and sustainable menstrual solutions


A Yoga Teacher, Dive Enthusiast, and a Conscious Creative, I like to push myself to the utmost. And I always did exactly that, until I got my periods. It was excruciatingly harsh for me with the crippling pain. It made me weak, tired and the entire week was wasted. I suffered this from age 13 to 25, using sanitary napkins and tampons.

And then, life took a turn. A friend, while chilling in the pool told me that she was on her period. Now, having tried every known menstrual product, I was never so relaxed as her during my periods. She revealed she was using a menstrual cup. Surprised and curious to know more, I decided to give menstrual cups a shot. 

After many unsuccessful attempts to insert the cup properly and trying to feel comfortable, I almost gave up. The next time I geared up again, I saw a few YouTube videos and EUREKA! It finally happened. Before I knew it I was doing everything from cannonballing into a pool to diving in the ocean. It felt safe and comfortable. My life suddenly got one extra week every month!  

— Shivangi Bagri

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